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Contract Powder Coating – The Finest Metal Finishing and Pretreatment Systems in Birmingham and Beyond

With a combined 25 years' experience in the field, the staff of Contract Powder Coating are proud of their company’s abilities, reputation and history. Established in Birmingham as a high quality purveyor of plating and metal finishing services for the region’s industry, Contract Powder Coating swiftly developed the reputation it enjoys today. Supplying the best pre-treatment systems available, and offering powder coating performed efficiently and on schedule by dedicated professionals, Contract Powder Coating prides itself on its expertise.

We offer all our clients, from the largest to the smallest, personalised service both professional and accommodating. Serving a sector which includes all types of companies and tasks, Contract Powder Coating are a flexible and versatile service provider which can meet your requirements, on time and on budget. Our bespoke plating and metal finishing solutions tailor themselves to your precise needs and the exact specifications of your job, ensuring results that will exceed your ever expectation.

Contract Powder Coating thinks of itself as your partner. Able to extend operations to a second site, as well as operate from our main base in the centre of Birmingham, Everything from the plating and metal finishing expertise of our staff to our superb pretreatment systems will be put at your disposal in order that your job is completed as satisfactorily as possible. With a long history serving the needs of the industry, our staff will ensure that you get exactly what you want.

A method of applying a finish to metallic surfaces without using a solvent, powder coating is a powerful, reliable and hard-wearing plating and metal finishing option.

Contract Powder Coating knows that there will always be a demand for the coating of large, awkward and heavy objects.

Matching our pretreatment systems precisely to the job, we prepare every item with care and attention.

Every item is different, every client has unique requirements. At Contract Powder Coating, we pride ourselves on our close relationship with the client.

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the industry, the knowledge and expertise of Contract Powder Coating is vast.